Add-On Installation

Add-On Installation
Add-On Installation

Add-On Installation


Are you too busy to build out our Squarespace Website Template yourself?

Good news! We now offer an Add-On Installation to help you.

We’ll build out a new Squarespace Website Template demo site for you on our end and then transfer it to your Squarespace account within 3 business days.

Perfect for those looking to save time and have their new website up and running in a few days!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase two items from our shop: one of our Squarespace Website Template Kits and this Add-On Installation

  2. You’ll receive a questionnaire asking for confirmation and what Squarespace account we’ll transfer the new website to

  3. Within three (3) business days of receiving your answers, we’ll build out the demo site as a new website on our end and transfer ownership to your Squarespace account

Please note that this Add-On Installation does NOT include:

  • A Squarespace Template Kit (this must be purchased separately)

  • Making revisions or customizations outside of what's provided in the template

  • Adding or migrating any of your content (photos, text, titles, domain, logo, favicon, etc.)

  • Connecting your social media accounts, email software, or other third-party apps

  • Adding the actual photos used in the demo site (Those photos are copyrighted so we’re not allowed to provide them to you; we’ll use replacement placeholder images instead)

  • Providing customer service regarding domains, hosting, customizations, Squarespace, design, blogging, or business matters

  • Creating or setting up your Squarespace account

  • A Squarespace paid subscription

Please note that we currently do not offer installation to an existing website. We will only transfer a new and separate website to your Squarespace account so if you have an existing Squarespace website and you wish to keep your existing content, you’ll have to manually migrate it to the new website yourself.

We reserve the right to decline or cancel any installation order at any time. If we cancel the install before completing the service, we’ll refund you the full amount of the installation service. However, since the Template Kit is digital in nature, we cannot refund you the amount of the Template Kit.

Please note that due to sudden Squarespace updates, there may be minor differences between the demo site and the actual site transferred to your account.

Lastly, if you wish to receive more than what was stated in these terms (such as customizations, revisions, or support), we do not recommend you purchase this Add-On Installation. We recommend hiring a professional website developer.

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